[TF2] Custom Weapon Demonstration: Merasmus Private Stash

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If you want to actually play with any of the weapons shown on this YouTube channel, check out one of our TF2 servers!★ Custom Weapons | USA►★ Custom Weapons x10 | USA►★ Custom Weapons MvM | USA►★ Custom Weapons | EU►★ Custom Weapons x10 | EU►★ Custom Weapons MvM | EU► Valve will decide what the stats will be for this weapon model if it is officially added to the game.)★Current weapon stats(+) On wearer: User is able to see friendly players and buildings(+) When used: User gains a random Mannpower powerup for 10 seconds(+/-) User can hold up to 3 powerups, but can't have multiple powerups active at once(+/-) While under the effects of a powerup: User can't gain charge for a new powerupWeapon Model Used:★Workshop Link ►

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404 gaming
I miss the invis of the old one
maybe something more than haunting asses with feet?
Andrea Sciannamè
I think this weapon is Pretty op.\n\nCause when u see the glows when you respawn you Can see enemy spies.
Angle Gaming
Slightly overpowered for my taste...
Attacked by Snakes
Ray Liotta Private Select
Karma Charger already demonstrated this weapon, and you're just copying him.
Bandana Splitzzz
Burny | Happys Edits | TF2
So advanced
I dunno, I feel something like a Magic Potion would grant a benefit, and then have a side effect.\n\nSorta like the new Crit-O-Cola with it's MFD debuff
CustomTF2 Weapons
Heyo, there's just a couple of things I need to mention!\n\n1) There are some elements from each powerup that isn't mentioned because some parts of a certain powerup only works while on a CTF (Capture the Flag) map. For the full list of powerups, check out this link:\nhttps://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Mannpower#Powerups\n\n2) 100% of the idea for the banner came from \
I use DirectX8 and glow isn't supported there :c
DoctorTnT Lol
Just what to say thanks for having me here doing the demonstration
Elilenk EdwardMMOs
Karma Charger demonstrated this a while ago
Me no like random tings
I am not the owner of the channel, nor the guy who made those stats, but I think I can explain some changes about the effects and talk about some powers that are the weapon doesn't give:\n\nChanges:\nResistance: In Mannpower, it doesn't give you crits immunity. It actually gives Plague immunity. This is to compensate the \
This is actually fair and balanced!
Galaxy 5
that is awesome at mvm\nin first plan has buff banner effects
Generic geometry dash youtuber
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI want a heart now\nAnd maybe a 📍too?
Greater Danemark
This is a bit overpowered... maybe add a passive vulnerability or something
Does it teleport you to the frontline map?
High Deliverer Robin
What happened to random Halloween effects?
I would really prefer the Bonk drinking sound effects for the activation and standard _\
This is so op
I like this concept in theory, but the fact that the results are random makes it lose reliability and make it overall too unpredictable to be used in a serious manner.
i like this new weapon
Mark Crawford
how about hold one for 30 seconds
Matias Zuran
Is this a Jojo reference?
some of the powerups do not function all the way, example, king does not have the health regen, knockout does not have double melee damage
Can you throw/drop the powerups by pressing [L]? Because if you can there is an exploit for that, you can drop the powerups to give to your *teammates* and it last forever whoever gets one of the powerups.
Precision + Direct hit? How fast that rocket will be.
Operatore Nabla
the more this goes on the worse the weapons are
Osome Oli
What happens if you press L while using a power? It drops it for your team and makes the power permanent? So this could be abused to become really OP.
make it so after you finish using a powerup, you cant use another for 10 seconds, and you are marked for death 5 seconds after the end of the effect
Project: Darkstorm
Can u put your map in the gmod workshop?
Rango pistacho
wall hacks
I hope they dont remove this
Rotom Oven
This and the direct hit in 10X...
I wonder how feasible it is to have the ability to cycle through the desired powerup by hitting reload with the weapon out.\nAdmittedly, I don't think all powerups are balanced between them (take Strength versus Knockout, Strength is _always_ the correct choice), so some tweaking will have to be made if we are going to choose our powerups.
Slayton Peale
The only problem I see with this is that too easily could you use it in a tight spot and hope for something like haste or vampire or even resistance or something, then you get the knockout powerup, get stripped to melee, and are promptly killed because melee.
I guess it would be allowed in Medieval mode... unless it is banned from that mode for being witchcraft... ;)
This is a very odd banner ability, because it doesn't follow the rules of other banners. The point of Soldier's banners are to buff his team around him to give an edge during a defense, or a push. This thing, while kinda cool, only buffs Soldier. But besides that, it's just out of place. Mannpower power ups are meant for Mannpower, and not to be used in an actual match. When you pick up a power up in Mannpower, you know what it's going to do, and you probably want that. Here, it's a gamble, you drink and hope for the best. That's not to say this is a bad banner, but it isn't good, it's good for a Soldier trying to play hero and go it alone on whatever plan he's got to win the game. But, going alone in *Team* Fortress 2 is a bad plan to begin with. That's the point of his banners, to encourage sticking together. The touch of being able to see your own team through walls is actually really good, and great for a shot calling player, and this weapon could be built to do just that, lead a team into a fight. I suggest making the banner buff the team around you, but given the absurdity of Mannpower, make it so it takes much more damage than other banners to charge up.
Sub Zero The Ice Ninga
ABRACADABRA\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPAINIS ( What you thought it was going to be IM GOING TO HAUNT YOUR ASS WITH MY FOOT)
That Guy
This is the anti spy banner.
The Noprene
I just love that you need to explain the mannpower powerups cause no-one plays mannpower
I am going to haunt your ass with my foot!
there should be 1 spare slot only 2 slots in total
UltraGaming 49
User with a long ,worthless and imbecilic name
Soo.... its overpowered until you get the melee crap
Vantae Plummer
i am going to haunt you ass with my foot\n\n\n1. ~soldier 2017\n\n2. that makes no sense
this is an awesome weapon!
*gets king* ripperoni
Zap Zap productions
Would be a bit better without the glow, seems out of place.
Wall hacks are too overpowered
feederthe3rd 1
already can tell this weapon is bugged af
views are 666 i ruined this
kirby gamez
I don't know about you, but I really like the concept of Mannpower, to use power-ups in combat. I just couldn't help but notice that the King doesn't have the health regen. I know you explained it already, just thought I could sharte my opinion.
krystian klich
it would be great for the medic!
I also would add that you can store more spells.
tomas aloicio
You could put the auto damage you raise the bar of \