Official Video Podcast - Catalunya 2010

The best of the action from the GRAN PREMI APEROL DE CATALUNYA, the scene of round seven of the 2010 MotoGP World Championship.

Catalunya Lorenzo MotoGP Pedrosa Spain Stoner

I don't understand why they didn't scrape this season and wait till the Doctor got well again
Brendan Barry
@UltimateMotoGP no no he won't , he said himself that it'll be brno,
Thomas Lüthi did an incredible race! :-) GO TOM TOM!
D Han
Anybody know what's going on with \
David Bartlett
LORENZO is the new Rossi without doubt!!!!!!!!
Forest Law
It's boring without Rossi, ya'll notice the a\\lag of spectators on the stands, normally it's sold out but nearly every stand was empty or half full.\r\n\r\nAll of you know why right !!\r\n\r\n
muy bien lorenzo , dale duro
Ilham B.
woehoeee Lorenzo made it again!!
Jose Manuel Alvarez
@eppiegood OK,Valention el mejor del mundo,pero es humano y todos caen,mira que piña se dio mi paisano ayer en moto 2. Carmelo Morales ,las carreras son asi.\n Valentino vuelve en Sanserinch Germany y dara guerra,Chao saludos desde Spain.
Sjors vdG
all edits are the same
Senza vale non vale!
Val Manejable
i hope rossi will be back this season.. stoner will catch lorenzo next race.
1ST :)
Who is #8???
it's not the same when VALENTINO is not in the race... its so BORING!
Ben spies is doing very well,,, GO BEN!
there is no one to challenge Lorenzo because Rossi is hurt. He is clearly the best racer right now.
@ZZGIXXXER Isle of Man TT is more dangerous.
Forza Lorenzo!