Workshop Item Demonstration: Merasmus Private Stash

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Merasmus' Private Stash is a workshop weapon for the Soldier.This weapon is created by JPRAS, Texman and Chaofanatic .Please rate it on the workshop page if you like this weapon:

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how do you get it???
Alexander Chon
Possible stats:\n*Does not use a rage meter\nUpon activation spooks everyone in the rage area
Alexander Smirnov
Possible stat:\n*When Used it gives a random effect like Minicrit,Defend or speed and regen.
Andrew Ponder
It would work just like a banner, activate after charge; once active nearby enemies with lower health than the user are spooked.
Angel Samael
that note on the back is just brilliant but you might want to replace the trumpet noise.
Wow, this looks so good. The idea of the soldier drinking a bottle instead of using a trumpet or whatever is pretty cool.\n\nPossible stats:\n*Charges over time (60 seconds=1 charge)\n*Effect last for only 5 seconds.\n*+60% reach\n*When used it gives a random good halloween effect (invisibility for example) to allies.\n*When used it gives a random bad halloween effect (jarate for example) to enemies.
Merasmus Private Stash:\nalt fire to drink, increasing all damage output by 50% for 5 seconds\nprimary fire to throw, putting out fires and giving a 20% damage increase to all effected allies for 3 seconds\nboth of these effects consume a bar of rage
I swear it was a bong xD
Brandon Pelletier
yes it would but this along with a few others are actually just new skins based off of other weapons. right
Possible Stats:\n\nPositives\n- Damages enemies slowly if in range\n- Scared enemies will run slower then usual\n- Increases Speed, Attack Speed, and Damage by 10%\n\nNegatives\n- Increases damage taken by 25% for team mates in range\n- Decreases user's hp by 50 during the buff duration\n- Team Mates suffer 10 hp upon buff ending
Brent Fed
how does one get drunk off magic?
César Pino
I have an idea, the banner soundtrack effect would ve the scout's soda drinking, After drinking the soldier will do the same animación of the soldier's spelling animation to give your team the banner effect.
Suggestion: Good stats: Soldier's rocket jumping will be tripled, damage and speed is doubled when on the effects of this item.\nBad stats: Other players will have the same effects, but need to be closer to the player that uses this item, and the buffs will be as half as efficient. No random crits nor mini crits on any weapons on the user. Can ONLY use the normal rocket launcher, the original, the shovel and the pain train when this item is on the user.
You said Valve would add stats for it. Will it be added officially?
Pros:\nBuild rage through damage dealt\nCan drink potion at full rage\nWhile under the effects of potion:\n+50% larger blast radius\n+20% more knockback on hit\n+20% faster shot speed\n+20% faster reload speed\nCons:\nPotion only effects user, does not effect teammates\nDamage taken is mini-crits\n\nPL_Upward and PR_Hightower would be fun to play on. /s
Dat Epic Fish
Stat ideas:\n*get charge from getting healed (blood is required essence) (medic or health pic-ups, both works)\n+Effect removes all negative stat effects\n+heals allies continously (but not user)
Possible Stats:\n\nIdentical to the buff banner, but instead of minicrits it applies the \
On consumption: \n+Grants crits for 10 seconds\n+10% More movement speed\n-Damage taken is mini-crits for 15 seconds\n-Only affects user\n\n\
Der dasMann
I could imagen if the soldier is drinking this and then his voice gets demonic while the buff is deployed
Dimitri Pia
+ Provides a random Buff effect\n\n+ Heals the user and any teammates around him akin to a Medium Medkit
Duong Lan Dung
take me to frontline map right now!
Ewelina Kunysz
Possible stats\nPros\nWhen rage meter is full you can rocket jump without taking damage for 5 secs\nCons\nWhen rage meter is full you have 25- health
This turns me on.
Holy Mary mother of Joseph
I imagine drinking some tap water and have the water make a loud horn sound.
Gabriele la rosa
if they create this,why do not create a weapon about zhana?:D
Gamer TV 17
Stats\n+When Used, Give Player A Teammates Near You A Merasmaus Spell\n+When Used, Increase Damage By 25%\n-User Won’t Be Affected, But Would Get A Automatic Fireball Spell\n-33% More Damage From Explosives\n\nIdk Why I Gave It Debuffs
I think this weapon's stats would be good as this:\n\n+10% damage resistance on wearer\n\nRage builds through damage done.\n\nWhen deployed, applies only *ONE* of the following effects. Each last for 15 seconds:\n\n25% resistance to all damage\n\n50% bullet resistance\n\n50% explosive resistance\n\n50% fire resistance\n\n+30% speed\n\nGain 10 health per second
Hex Flamer
Stats: \n Pros:\nDoesn't require rage to deploy\nCan be used anytime\nNearby allies will receive a buff that increases the chance to spook and bleed the enemy by attacking them.\n\n Cons:\nEffects caused by buff last 4.5 seconds\nLonger recharge time\nLonger deployment time.\n\nIt's like a Bonk/Crit-o-Cola for the Soldier. But it will take longer to use and recharge it, so the players won't rely on it heavily. The spook & bleed can be used for a push, because the enemies affected are stripped from their weapons for a short time, and the take damage from bleeding and under enemy fire from the buffed players.\nIt's balanced by lasting only a few seconds. But that doesn't mean that it the increased chance will guaranteed happen. Once the buff is over, the soldier, if at low health can't just use the Private Stash immediately to fake-out enemies. If the soldier is at full health, the player has to use whatever he/she has left like any other soldier, until the buff is fully charged again. The longer deploy time is for the soldier to hide under enemy fire until the buff is activated. This weapon is very unique, it's not just like the backpack, it can be used for dire situations, like the others.
Hoovy Weapons Guy
Why don't you try and make a drinking sound instead of using the blowing sound?
Informitive Shitposting Nutcase of Burritos
Stat:\nDrinking the potion gives one of many random effects. the effects are Krit boost, Ubercharge, Tiny or big heads, Random Dancing, the effects of the other banners, Low gravity, becoming a Giant, or Spontaneous Combustion.\nAll effects courtesy of Merasmus the Wizard.
Jacob Da School Shooter
it makes no sense for it to somehow buff other people around unless they also drank it and the sound should be replaced with a drinking sound.
Jam Deluxe
Hmm maybe it shouldn't be a buff that effects everyone but instead just yourself because it's a potion
James Brotherton
It would be good if there were 2 uses, Say Left clicking the soldier drinks it and he gains the effects, If you right click he can throw it at team mates and they gain the effects, If thrown at an enemy it does some damage?
Jane Doe
+15% moment speed on wearer\nWhen potion is drank\n+all weapons cause afterburn\n+40% resistance to explosives and fire\n-20% damage to all weapons\nAlso make the horn sound the scout drinking bonk
Stats:\n- Only Buffs Self\n+ 50 Percent Buff Duration\n+ The Speed of Concheror\n+ The Mini Crits Of Buff Banner\n+ Right Click To Give to a Ally, Will Add a Slot After Melee\n\nAlternate\n+ Throw At Ground Near Allys To give Em Mini Crits and Speed Boost\n+ Throw At Ground Near Enemys To slow Em And Make em Take Mini Crits, Also Damage 15\n- Buff Charge 100% Slower ( This doesnt make it Uncharable Idiots )
Jeremy Bull
Holy Mary mother of Joesoph
Jester Corn
Possible stats:\nYou would have to walk to charge it (like the soda poper) but it has a divided bar (like the vaccinator) each section of the bar can only be filled after taking any ammoubt of damage and only then  will it start to charge by running, meaning you would have to be in combat to use it or cause fall can only be use when all 4 small bars are charged, completing the full bar.\n\nThe longer you hold(drink) it, the better the effect (using the same bar for the charge). if you only use one of the segments you will have to refill it:\n-first segment(2 seconds of drinking)-health regen for very short time(like the concheror)\n-second segment(4 seconds of drinking)-adds damage resistance for short time, prolonging the previous effect(this applies to all)\n-third segment(5 seconds))-adds speed increase and reduces reaload time.\n-fourth segment(6 secs)-adds either damage increase or firing speed for 1.5x the time of any other buff giving secondary for soldier.\ntoo op?
Juan Andrés Méndez Hernández
While banner is active, nearby enemies damage gets halved and they move 15% slower but so do you.
Kek McPootis
'Spook'- meter fills via damage dealt (400 damage)\nActivate 'Spook' by alt-fire,\nwhen its active, gain for 10 seconds of: +100% Higher jump height,\nwearer and teammates nearby are immune to negative effects*.\nWhile weapon is active:\n+3 health per second on wearer\nWearer is marked for death\n*(In example: afterburn damage)
How are you adding these things into the TF2?
Life Saver
When activated, On hit will make them spooked for 5 secs
A lot of commenters didn't got the reference: the soldier drank the \
LukinoCZ Games/Zběratel
Drink9ng potion
+ Scares enemies for 1-5 seconds.\n- Including friendly spies disguised as enemies.\n- Scared enemies cannot be scared again.
wouldn't it make more sense for soldier to drink it rather than blow into it?
Not Big Surprise
possible stats:\n+15 health regen when buffed\nfully heal when buffed\n-50% buff charge ( it takes 2x damage to fill it)
I would approve of the Merasmus’ Private Stash, if I was a Valve developer. Although they could at least change the horn sound effect when deployed?
Stats:\n\n- Sends you to a world where you'll see Soldier constantly saying \
Pedreiro Gaymer
Possible statistics :\n+ 25 % in the standard duration\nWhen the Fury is enabled\n+ User loose haunted bullets that hit the target, the enemy is stunned (as sandman ) for 5 seconds\n+ 20 % accuracy\n\n( This rage also has tertiary weapons )
Profit Hurts
You could add a drinking sound when you activate your buff
my stats:                                                                                                                                                        gives all 3 buffs                                                                                                                                                         500 damage needed to charge rage                                                                                                                                                          +20% rage duration                                                                                                                                                   -50% ammo capacity for primary                                                                                                                                                    buff is not given to other players                                                                                                                                                     mini crits whenever it would normally  crit on all on all weapons equipped                                                                                                                                                 (replaces horn sound with gulping sound)                                                                                                                                                      - 10% move speed on wearer
fills up by getting kills/assists (gain 10% charge from assist and 20% from a kill)\nwhen activated, gives everyone in your team a random halloween spell (except the extra powerful ones)
When activated, plays server-wide Spooky Scary Skeleton song and stuns everyone on the server for 60 seconds.
Raul Ricardo
Holy Mary mother of Joseph
ive had a new idea for a soldier banner for awhile. its a mix between other banners. increase jump height (or an extra jump), movement speed, weapon switch time, reload speed, clip size, bleed and fire protection. all while deployed.\n\nit could make less mobile players (soldier, demo, heavy, engy (without rocket jumping, sticky jumping, sentry jumping), more mobile. a heavy or engy getting into a better spot while slightly protected. have a longer duration, since its not great on offence or defence, just a support banner. im not sure how to build up the charge
stats\n+10% all weapon damage bonus\nwhen buff is active: allow dealing damage area but drain you ammo evertime
Samson Dreemurr
Speed potion, health potion, reskin. So many options
Satellite Moon
The weapon is obviously magic-y so here are some magic-y stats\nThe buff completely removes knock-back from any kind of projectile\nEnemies caught in a slightly larger radius than the buff for friendlies get a small speed reduction and a 20% larger damage vulnerability from all sources
Shin U.
scream fortress contract award possibility
Sir Nancy The Negative
Alright, this has plenty of potential, but I feel like this could go in a Jekyll-&-Hyde route:\n\n+On use: Gives the soldier 50% damage resistance, kritz, and a speed boost equivalent to the concheror for 15 seconds.\n+On use when below 25%: Gives the soldier ubercharge, kritz, and a 100% speed boost for 15 seconds.\n-Soldier is stripped to melee during and after the use of the potion. This resets on reaching a resupply locker.\n-Only one use per spawn. Does not reset upon touching a resupply locker.\n\nExplanation later, maybe.
Possible stats: +50% rage charge\n +when drank, heals up to 200 health\n +25 max health on wearer
IDEA: Using the buff promotes a random effect to you and the teamates around you, like drinking a random potion from a locker, like a Russian Roulette type of thing.\n\nRandom Buff Ideas (Positive/Negative) -\n\nMax Ammo\nEveryone Around is \
Spicy Meme
I have some ideas for this.\n\n+You release a random good effect from the wheel (Remember that from 2012?) and any teammate surrounding you gets the buff aswell.\n-The usual length of the effects is halved\n-Whilst active:You and anyone affected by the buff will be slowed down by 15% and for a short period after the buff has ended,you take mini crit damage \n
Stefanos Panagis
*B L O W S T H E P O T I O N*\n\ngive em hell boys!
Sunder Shadows
They should add something like a devilish scream every time the soldier drinks the potion.
ok here is what I feel it should do, it should give the player [and maybe nearby allis] a random buff OR debuff for a select list, there is noway to remove debuffs OR buffs other than effect time runs out or you die, teamates lose debuffs when they exit range but can gain it by going in range will buffs only buff teamates in range
Here's my idea for the stats:\nPros\nRage fills when you damage enemies\nWhen used, gain an ability (mini critz, immunity, life steal etc.)\nHas a 15% chance to gain just a spell. (Spellbook must be equipped)\nCons\nOnly effects you\nSome abilities can give you a disadvantage (marked for death, just melee, decreased speed etc.)\nIt's a risky use when you think the time is right.
The horn effect would probably have to be switched to the gulping sound if you think about it...
That one person
Link to download please ;-;
The Not-So cool kid 101
I think it should have a kinda wacky effect like jumping higher or mabye as a bonus effect for halloween you canhold another spell
The Scunt of the Game
What do you mean valve will add new stats for this weapon you mean they gonna add it?
Drink the magic bottle so magcial
Looks like soldiers doin drugs
I say this weapon should randomly give you one of the three existing banners, at the benefit of it taking slightly less damage to fill up the meter.
I think it should just be a Halloween themed reskin for the Buff Banner.
Tony Spark
This is my stats\nrequired 500 damage\n-50% rage duration\n+when use it\nenemies scare in area 5 seconds\nteammates speed decrease by 10%\nCrit boost 2 second,next mincrit 3 second
UltraGaming 49
Valve should add this during the 6th Annual of the Haunted Fortress 2 Event! (I HOPE)
Vicky Lopez
Man,if this Wepon Was In The Scream Fortress 2 Update Then That Would Be PERFECT!
Could be added at halloween
Effect while under effect of the stash:\n+45% Damage resistance\n+20% Speed\n\n\nCrits do a extra 65% Damage though... xD\nYou have a chance to fire \
I think you should add this:Whenever drank it should spook an enemie for 5 seconds
I hope stats:\n*Rage meter increase by damage done to enemies\n*Rage meter cost for 600 damage\n*Buff will give you 30% rocket jump resistance and 20% movement speed\n*Lasts for 15 seconds
maybe random effect only on user when drunk? from uber heal to exploding whatever. no passive ability like concheror or backup
cole carabatakis-wallace
I think it could have a stat to make it silent or something but have a downside like slower switch from speed
Pros:\nGetting hit increases rage meter\nWhen meter is full, select of 4 potions (changed by pressing \
derpy quagsire
stats:\n+25% movement speed\nOn activation: Anyone in a radius will have the  Minify spell effect but limited to 5 people.\nBut will only Minify when in the radius when activated and when goes out the radius stays Minify until rage ends.
moutain du
What if Solder had a soda can?
peter Griffin
It should be named merasmus secret porn stash and potion should be a magazine and the description should DO NOT TOUCH
snickars snickars
The noise of the buffing is identical to one of the obscure alarm sounds in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
telephone fan
+When used scares enemys for 5 second\n- 20 Explosive resistance when used\n +10 Health when used\n+Gives teammates +40 health.\n+İf used in hallowen event gives any spell
the 3 rd and the most active mystery 960
:can drink a potion or give one to teammates and you will get a new one in 10 seconds\n: can get a speed, health, or attack potion\ncons\n:when you or your teammate drinks the potion the opposite stat decreases eg speed health or attack speed
the one and only spud bud
+50% speed +50% damage resistance -50% external movement only applies affect to self
who doctor
Holy merry mother of joseph
who uploads rips at 3 in the morning?
Stats:\nOn activation: Spooks every enemy in radius for 5 seconds, slight speed boost.\n+ 15% faster rage generation rate