The Official Podcast #88: Casino Royale

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Four close man friends finally gather in person. This is the Official Podcast. Every Thursday. At 7pm EST. Or Every Wednesday at 7pm on iTunes. Links below.Robinhood:

The Official Podcast #88: Casino Royale

I feel like I picked the BEST NIGHT POSSIBLE to trip LSD. xD xD xD
Kaya looks like human shrek
Alexander Hernandez
From left to right. Leafyishere, Mark Zuckerberg, Oddjob, Caveman
Alien Hatz
kaya is so handsome lol
why was andrew jacking off the whole podcast \n\nexample 26:06
Austin GX
Charlie is smoll boi\n\nWith the deepest voice
Jackson looks like the hottest woman on earth. Andrew looks like one of those giants from game of thrones. Charlie looks like Kaya's younger brother. Kaya looks pissed. All the time. Even when he's spraying female ejaculate all over Tetra.
Bobby Biscuit
Jackson learned stunt techniques from Gibby's dead stuntman
Brother Oats
Man Kaya is 10 times funnier in person
Bölos Gerogerigegege
jackson on the hunt for sugar mommies
Cake Batter
I keep getting an anti immigrant ad on this video. I suspect they are trying to keep Kaya out.
Caleb Deane
I feel like Jackson and Kaya don't like each other that much ; _ ;
Carson Sizemore
The no eye contact podcast
Jackson lookin like a snacc😤😪😳☠️☠️👀👀👀👀👀💪💪😍💦💦💦💦
Chris Cove
I'm genuinely worried about Jackson after watching this. He looks like he's either depressed as hell, trying not to fall asleep or fighting a hangover. Now that I think about it, it's probably all three.
Christopher Courage
I didn't know the Official Boys travelled back in time and kidnapped 11 year-old Charlie to make themselves look bigger.
The lads are so awkward it’s almost as if the Turkish militant looking dude is holding them hostage
Coco _
Why is no one talking about jackson's mom lmao
Connor Foster
Oh no, HE'S HOT
Correct opinion guy
Look how puny and small Charlie looks in between these two units
Jackson is so cute. also I have a crush on Andrew now.
Plot twist Charlie was standing
Dez 18
Wtf. Is this the Sleep Deprived podcast talking about planes?
DuskyPanther 13
So we have slazo's sexy bro/sis (i can see it either way) cosplaying, buff mark zuckerberg's dad who has reversed his aging with a lotion he found on a facebook ad and then cloned the lotion so that he becomes immortal, the moist man himself: 5'6'' of pure testosterone , the absolute unit: andre junior
12yr old, single dad, dwarf from lord of the rings and a drug cartel
Ethan Armitage
The picture on the back wall should have been Kaya's Cum Cougar.
Am I the only one thinking this was the perfect time to FINALLY have Charlies dad on?!!!!
Mark Zuckerberg really let himself go
Hairy AldrichJr
Jackson would make a very sexy woman.
I nearly pissed myself laughing at 48:56 when Kaya stirs his drink with his finger and for a split second you can see Charlie's disgust when he glances over
Kaya is definitely the muscle of the group.
They're all incredibly handsome\nI ain't gay
Inaba Tewi
This really highlights how tiny charlie is, he looks like a bearded child amongst men
Jack Shannon
i thought they gave Charlie a oversize cup to prank him but then i resized it was just a normal one lol
Janine Cat
Kaya hueg\nJackson adorable\nAndrew is exactly as I imagined him based on the voice
You have the coolest house Charlie
Joe Bailey
It’s so cute that they sat themselves in JACK order
Jowoey Woey
Jackson is such a cute little twink I love him.
Juuzou Suzuya
Three manly men and one Jackson
kaya getting all excited and hugging charlie's dog is the cutest thing
Laggy stand
for an hour i thought it said \
Leonhard Kuen
Jackson, how is sitting the other way around?
Liam Birch
charlie looks like when a dad brings his son to the bar with his friends and orders him a orange juice
Liam Buck
Andrew looks like hes in pain when he laughs
Charlie is Kaya's little brother
Lucas Preston
Get you a man who looks at you like kaya looks at tetra
Madelyn Guidry
you look like a chad mark zuckerberg
Manly Melon
Not only is Alex muted in this one, but he is invisible too
Matt Meyer
I wanna cordially apologize to Jackson for my rude comment in the Hereditary Moist Meter, didn’t realize he was such an irl cutie 😘😍
Matt Persami
charlie looks like a little child being held hostage and forced to do a podcast
So Jackson is not only just a sweetheart but also quite the cutie pie too. How can anyone ever not like him.
Metal Monkey
Kaya looks like a normal sized Andre The Giant
Mr Sark
My Leg
Wtf i thought they were going to play poker or some shit
Nate Osborne
I think I'm retarded but I didn't realize that the kangaroo had a purpose. Also the one covering the mic was funny too.
No Pulse Podcast
This might be the 1st time I maintained an erection for 1:36:14
Reminder that Andrew said it is healthy to fist fight your friends and asked everyone if they'd be down and Kaya agreed.
Pegi Rupa
Jackson is so cute
I'm convinced Charlie only has 2 shirts
Pepper Botis
Best podcast ever. Kaya is Grade A beefcake
oh no they're hot
They should rename this podcast to 3 and a half men
I love kaya's expressive hand movements
Raprot Gaming2
I'm proud of Charlie for not sitting in a booster seat.
Ryan Smith
For some reason I always thought Jackson was Andrew and vice versa. This has been eye opening.
All I can notice is when Charlie faces forwards he makes a perfect circle with his beard and his t-shirt.
Charlie looks like a freshmen between some seniors
Spencer Eff Vlogs
literally none of these dudes voices match their body
Spooky Poop
My schlong thirsts for Jackson now
The Ledge
andrew is just a fat Mark Zuckerberg
best episode yet, don't care what anyone says. watching you lads in the same room hanging out was so much fun. oh, by the way, Jackson's cute little twink face is so pinchable
Damn, I read that as *The Official Podcast #88: Battle Royal* , thought you guys were gonna fight to the death
Wigs In Space
Looking like a snacc, boys
Ya Boi Roach Dogg Jr.
Kaya is a pretty thick man. Kill or be killed in Turkey I guess
Zora Seals
Why does Charlie look.. so lost.. and sad.. Is he okay?
ajax 711
Damn kaya I mad hawt. No homo tho
(Kaya rolls up sleeves)\n\nErection acquired
callum cleave
4 grown men avoid eye contact for 1:36:14 the movie
None of them look like I thought they would, but it's ok because we got Jackson lookin like a snack over there in that onesie
Seeing him, I now understand Kaya's voice all too well.
et Han of Astora
If y'all are in person now you can get Mia Khalifa 👀👀
four very awkward species of introverts in the same room talk about how to take over the world
Why does kayas voice go up by several octaves when Charlie’s dog is present
jackson is legit cute af, would smash
wow kaya looks exactly like how he sounds
It's cute that the other boys sat on the floor to make Charlie look normal sized
Kaya is everything what I would expect a Turkish man to be, and I'm loving it. Make me your body pillow Kaya.
Kaya muscles at 1:10:10
Charlies moustache lines up with his collar a few times
my le
I had always thought Jackson was kaiya? Idk how to spell his name... switch their look and their voice fit the image :3
Kaya looking like a FIVE COURSE MEAL
is that a girl on the left?
i’m willing to bet jackson has been wearing that kangaroo onesie since he arrived in tampa.
tortellini linguine
Finally the group got together
ya girl jay
Turn and face eachother you dweebs