Official Video Podcast - Sepang 2012

The best of the action from the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the scene of round sixteenth of the 2012 MotoGP World Championship.

Dani+Pedrosa Malaysia MotoGP Sepang

I agree, Malaysian GP should be held in June or July because it's definitely not in Raining season. In other words, very small chances of having wet race during this period (June/July)
Akash Sharma
Chicken Lorenzo. Races have gone on in much worse conditions.\nIt was obvious he wouldn't have been able to hold out for 6 laps more given Casey's closing in. Hell maybe not even stay on that track seeing he got lucky once.\n\nPedrosa deserves this championship, even though Lorenzo will win. Sadly the best man does not always win
Alejandro Montoya
Axel Dowle Photographic
The riders who rides Hard tyres has no problem in the condition and no Hard tyre riders crashed, to the Riders who crashed had soft tyres, so thats why Dani was confused why the race was stopped, and Casey was catching up as he is a very confident rider in the wet so Lorenzo was very lucky the race has been red flagged, but it would be nice to see Dani win a championship as he has been in motogp for a while becoming in the top 5 since 2006 onwards.
Banovani Jazawac
y lorenzo was really lucky when Bautista took him out in first corner and in a race that he would probably win. he is the most consistent rider in the world, he didnt make one mistake this season, deal with it!!! and that is what wins championships,. if he was second in standings he would risk more, this way he doesnt have to.\r\n
Ben Smith
another boring race, huge let down with the red flag.
Dennis Michael Faltado
dani pedrosa again?\nlol\n
Go Pedrosa #26!
HRC 77
Lorenzo is sol lucky to be leading championship
Ivan Chen
James Harrison
Guys, the rain was getting worse, riders were already falling off. Other riders said they were about to raise their hand too. Now instead of slamming Jorge, maybe respect the fact that this weekend marks one year since the death of Super Sic. If Jorge crashed badly and landed awkwardly or got hit by Casey behind him and was would not be saying such things. We do not want to loose another of these brilliant brilliant riders.
John Empire
If I were a fan of Lorenzo, I'd probably argue that it was very dangerous and the red flag was well deserved.. But then again, Pedrosa didnt seem to break a sweat over the conditions and just outskilled Lorenzo, who feared for his 2nd place.
Jorge Sotolongo
Lorenzo has earned his place in the championship, but damn he got lucky today.
Chicken Lorenzo? Really? Can you ride a 240hp motorcycle at race speeds in torrential rain? I don't think so.
dorna is helping lorenzo win by calling the race. oh well. i hope lorenzo crashes out and dani gets the title, he deserves it!
Lauren H
Anyone else pissed with Stoner? how everyone rides with a injured ankle or arm and he wastes 3/4 races off?
Luck Harold
A Honda não fez a lição de casa direito quando devia e agora no final quer apelar. Mesmo com dois pilotos, está difícil de conseguir tirar a diferença que Jorge Lorenzo fez durante a temporada. Agora, eles que corram atrás do prejuízo.
Matt Charos
go lorenzo! u r the best!
Maurício Reichert
Go JL, Go M1! To the championship!
Maximiliano Viera
And jealous rider....
Panos Koutsonovakis
you are wright man!!!!!!!! Pedrosa must win it this year\n
Dani finally wins in wet !!!!\nLorenzo will see hard times next year against \
Ricardo Adão
So many angry comments.\nCome on guys, relax and enjoy the video =)
Ridiculous moment to Red Flag the race, Jorge wouldn't have maintained 2nd and then the championship would have come alive, we would have been in for two pretty nasty races to end the season with
the best motogp rider after rossi and many others:)\nsee you next year when rossi will be 1st again:)
Spencer M
Chicken? It was a torrential downpour. Race direction made the call not Lorenzo.
I thought tbh why the hell didn't they stop it earliër I mean there was just standing water you can't race there that's just dangerous. :/
RIP marco SIC2011
Toda Fifi
Please adjust the date in malaysian GP from OCT to [email protected]\n
Yui GamerZ
or maybe you wan somebody die this year?
Too bad the rain stopped the show...
you go out there and show him how its done. fuckin internet know all tosser
well done cortese! \nCongratz!
daru asmara
good dani, i want to see you go to championship 2012, go dani....
@skylord081 he was the only rider left with soft tyres.
Thats why Stoners retiring, he's had enough of the bs with Dorna
My thoughts exactly!
josé almeida
you must bee very stupid!!!grow up men...not even a car was prepard for does conditions,i thin you dont remember what happend to simonceli last season,lorenzo is the best and he is playing safe for the champion-chip because he won all of those point by him self with no hep by his teem mate...
jovian zho
if not red flag i am sure stoner can beat lorenzo
kelvin ho
Chill man...If you were there, you'd would want the race to was flooding in the stands...moreover, it didn't just start to rain, it rained for moto2 as well. and that race got the red flag as well...Dani deserved to win cos he made a good pass on turn 15, and there on after pulled ahead! Way ahead...Not taking away anything from Lorenzo who clocked new lap records for the circuit last set by Rossi.
Why official podcast from sepang consist of 50 sec qualification and trainings and only 20 sec of race?
you are studid. Every rider said it was the best decision to stop the race? And the best man wins the championship. Nobody can buy or be given the championship
fuck moto gp and fuck dorna. moto gp is a fucking joke nowadays. BORING!!!!!!!\nthis is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorcycle racing yet it has turned in to a total snooze fest with 5 second gaps in between each rider. \nspec ecu?\nscrap traction control?\nscrap launch control?\n\nyes please.\n\nlimit team budgets, get rid of the crt's, and put a weight limit in place.\ni, as well as almost everyone else, though they wouldn't admit like to admit it, are hoping rossi can make motogp exciting next year
salud y riqueza
La Honda tiene mas potencia y mas velocidad punjta que el resto de las motos de la parrila, es obvio que este comiendo terreno, y Pedrosa pueda tener solo opciones al titulo, pero no creo que pueda....almenos este años, el que biene, si sigue así con esta racha y con la ayuda de la buena honda, puede tener posibilidades de tener opciones al titulo muundial 2013.\n
sadly that is true dang yo
I agree,but you can't say anything bad about rossi
The funny thing about being a fan or spectator is you aways right lol 99.9% of us couldnt ride on slicks let alone slicks in f'n monsoon!!!! stop bitching,complaining and whining about some of the best athletes in the world risking their lives for our enjoyment PLAIN AND SIMPLE !!!!!