Official Video Podcast - Sepang 2010

The best of the action from the SHELL ADVANCE MALAYSIAN MOTORCYCLE GP, the scene of round fifteen of the 2010 MotoGP World Championship.

Malaysia MotoGP Sepang jorge+Lorenzo

which race was that?\n
Adrian Onezime
Rossi is my favorate rider in MotoGP, but that's not to say that I don't respect all the other riders. I respect Lorenzo just about as much as Rossi, after all, he can go toe-2-toe with him. Rossi had a bad year because of the crash. That's what a lot of people have been saying but,\r\n\r\nWhat if the crash never happened? Rossi could've won but we will never know. The fact remains that Lorenzo is the champion now.\r\n\r\nGet ready to fight the battle of your life Lorenzo, cause Rossi will return!\r\n:)
@captainbimble \n\ni thought that only french were arrogants....thank you!
@eppsislike YEAH, F1 = BORING....
I fear for Lorenzo. That this title will be his first and only in years to come!!! ^^\n\nFORZA ROSSI!!!
Boooooo Lorenzo, sorry dude, with your attitude (arrogant and whining to much about rossi from previous race),I lost respect for ya, and you don't deserve the title...\n\nNeed to grow some ball, and get a personality..
Ayuk Rossi
let's see motogp 2011, Rossi will come back..!! i know that ..\ngo.. rossiii...
Barry Dompor
R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli
@The12Nurse dont think so
Cody Van
Game over
DMAP Production
Rossi sigue siendo nuestro campeón del mundo. No hay otro piloto puede reemplazarlo en su trono.
Enrique Goitia
@captainbimble he means he's back in sahpe to winning form since sure he's gonna get back his crown
Faris Rahim
Imagine Valentino Rossi becoming 46 years old. Wouldn't he have a celebration?
Forest Law
@SAWNOFF12GUAGE Rossi can ride it, trust me he's a complete athlete !\r\n\r\nRossi is fired up and ready for next season you can see it in his body language !
Gunsol Videos
Go to hell Lorenzo! WE WANT ROSSI!!!
@666alireza \r\nSepang!
James Ross
Awsome job Vale, comming from 11th to claim victory once more !!!\n
It's normal for Lorenzo to be like that. 23 year's old compare to Rossi at 33 year's old. Of course he can't control his emotion when game over this year. Hehehe.. Last year, he can't champion coz of 4 times starting grid from last position as mechanical prob on his bike during warm-up lap.. So, this year and the following for sure his time to victory..Hoorray!!! Let we see next year Lorenzo vs Rossi ya..
John Fajardo
@eliteoption doesn't matter how many, you'd just have to have the lead in points.
Jordan Zoeckler
0:31 Capirossi at his best lol
Kaito Espada
Rossi the legend Sepang Grandprix
Love Sep 2015
San Valentino Zubaidy.. Love 46 !!!\nSepang 2010 kemenangan terakhir Vale bersama Tean Yamaha\nValentino Rossi the King of MotoGP !!!\nSayonara Yamaha.. Benvenuti Ducati !!!\nGrazie Vale..\n
ouch, has Suzuki Rizla ever had a win?
rossi the best!!!!!!! forza vale!!!
Anyone know the name of the second song in the free video motogp rewind sepang on the motogp website
Miro Mirinamama
Song name? \n\npls thumbs up so we can finally know....
Non han fatto vedere un cazzo
i wanna see Rossi next race with a minimoto he can win! i'm afraid for the others:P 46 rulez
Rick Mills
Congratulations Lorenzo!!! (And Rossi too, great race!)
next year the doctor will reclaim whats his......on a new, red, fast machine....
Love Lorenzo...He is the future. Rossi is still good but Lorenzo had nothing to fight for in these last couple of races except finish. He's played it safe cuz that's all he's had to do.
congratulations lorenzo
benjamin tan
Rossi is back, great job.
@Ashprr Sour fucking grapes or what!
can ay one give me the link for race video of sepang 2010 as I missed it, and it came up as a wonderfull race for ROSSI'S FANS
The Doctor is coming back !!
feri zufayri
yar aku sokong.. c jes, pik,king,sam,mal,cayangku(suzana).. kamu sOkong aku kan.. c nizam opsite..
@TheRaulr151 he got beat simple as
francois pottier
difference betwen lorenzo and rossi??? rossi done his best to win even if he got the title, lorenzo stay behind and cry when the battel his too hard for him. you ll see next year he will be at his place .....2nd, and in 2012 it will be harder for him to make the 1000cc good, cause he will not have the rossi setup to help him. forza rossi
Lorenzo's Title has the same value of Hyden's one..... next season he will have to face emotional and career breakdown. There will be at least 2 or 3 pilots constantly in front of him.
Rossi this day showed the world why he is the greatest of all time
@slutylittlesister Thay all are masters. even the guys riding at the back. If you, me or any other \
1:02 \
Lorenzo is good, Rossi is the best ~
congratulations to lorenzo but due he has such a big lead with 3 gp left there was no reason to finish 3rd...he should fight for victory as great riders should have done
rey anthony buscato
the doctor is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@milkshakemuncher Well Said !!.... Lorenzo was lucky this year.. hope next year Rossi, pedrosa and stoner all put this kid`s ego in place.