Gwen Stefani - Now That You Got It ft. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

Best of Gwen Stefani: Music video by Gwen Stefani performing Now That You Got It. (C) 2007 Interscope Records

Gwen Interscope Pop Stefani

there not making good music like this no more!
AVienna K-Dub
How did I miss this. Two of my favorites collab
Abdelrahman Ayman
Now that you got it (your degree), what you gon do abt it...... \nUnemployment sucks :(
The rasta guy sings very good. Maan he made this song :3
Ade V
where can I get that yellow red and green top 😍😍😍
Adrienne Harrison
I love her style
Alyssa Regent
I'm in love with Damian's hair... God it's so beautiful 
Andre Loyo
Damian Marley.\n\u003c3
Andrie martono
This music damn
Bonnie Clyde
My Gwen & Damian 💛💛 Still jamming to this 💋💋
Bre R
Go Jamaica
C Rex Chilla
Gwen rocks :D
Camille Cam
Sounds so similar to Fergie Clumsy. I remember thinking that at the time.
She has no Clue how to dance but ..... well ........................... she makes it look good any ways
Deliana Alan
I remember this video on MTV back then LOL
Desmond Nance
Why am I just seeing this? 😍😍👍👍
Diana L
That legs 😏❤️😍
Dorrette Butler
oh, i miss these days!!!\n\nwhen gwen could put her hair in minibuns and wear a kimono with jamaican colors without an SJW screaming \
Ella Lakin
Rocking red lips before they were a \
Emil Cristian Horvath
i love Damian but here he sounds more like Shaggy :))))
Facu Medina
2017 😁😁
Fuzzy Slippersz
Why is Damian soo gorgeous!
Gabby Villarreal
That’s Bob Marley’s son!
the video and the song are very cool but make me remember the video \
👂👀👂\n 👃\n 👅
Hana CX
That mobile phone
Hayley Muir
This woman is the definition of perfect 😍
she will always be a Calfornia gurl style
IVO Muzik
This lovely 80s-early 90s \
James Osborne
I love gwen stefanti
Jamie Ryan Storey
I love it when Gwen raps. :D
Jenathy Marler
Happy 45th Birthday to Gwen Stefani!
Jeremy B
if you listen that in 2017 =)
Jhonatan de Jesús
Well, I'd train him like a marine corps, boot camp, make him like a superhero (yes, Ma'am!) that always better be his response or I don't give a dog a bone, attention!
John Lemus
I think this is the last song that she put out that I actually like, which is really sad.
Joleen Lanea
loving gwen since 2003
Joshua Boodram
Joyce Giselle Santos Fernandes da Siva
Damian 😍
July G
Jr Gong is a legend
Kanade Lapis
Gwen ruled from 2004 to 2008 (not counting her No doubt days) ! too bad she had to go because her hyped was gone too :(
Kirk Pascascio
2 jentiles singing a stupid song that dont mek sense
Laughing & Crying
I must the old Gwen Stefani
LaurenJauregi IsMyQueen
i love the clothes she wears, its stylish without being trashy or too revealing. I wish i knew where she got her clothes
Linda Ch
i looove Damian Marley but i don't really Gwen ugh
Mahiox sayavedra
Mai Mohamed
Mariam Basahai
Dat phone tho
Mariana Te amo Enrique Iglesias Muñoz
Amo este video
Marissa G FUNK
Orale with your Anaheim shirt ! 😏
Mazinger and Minerva
those abs are insane!
Mia Delli
who is watching it in 2017?😊
Best of best !!! 2018 !!! 👍🔝😍😍😍
Culture vulture
Patrick Monden
Shame, styling up in designer threads with Babylon fraudsters. Ya best give it up n hit the thrift shop kiddie gong. U won't b welcome in my house till u get humility, words r easy right.. Dem knew it but dem can't do it!!!
THIS WAS MY JAM!!!!! I remember waiting for the song to play on MTV everyday back in my early teens. 🔥
used o be SO obsessed with this. FOUND IT AGAIN! Used to replay this for hours.
this song deserved better
Rosa Calderon Hinostrosa
My fav one😜😍
Sharon Hebert
Besides stevie nicks and lana del rey , this is my girl forever ! She has best vocals ever ! 😍
Sherry Huntington
Boom !! song loving it
bumpin this in 2018 still !!!!! shit goes hard
Sunasha Eliyadurage Fernando
Damian 4 life😍😍😍😍
Turn up for 2016.
TheKatherineWheel -
this was my JAM. 2018 anyone?
I love how real she is to herself. The times have changed, she moves with it but still stay's herself.
reggae actually sounds good when there is a beautiful white person presenting it
Theodora Khan
2018 and I'm still in love with Gwen! she literally was the trendsetter!
This bird backs bros
shit, its been years since I heard this and always wondered what song it was.
The video looks so much like Don't lie-The black eyed peas\nLike veeeery much :s
Ve8an Tig3r
Damian's dreads are boss.
WanChai Cordero
Nostalgia at its finest 👌👌👌👍👍 still bumping to the Millennium songs
Willian Gomes
this is underrated
How could I forgot about this? This used to be one of my 4th-grader jams along with Britney's Piece Of Me and others :v
Yarissa Vallecillo
Nada que ver esta canción, esperaba más ...
aboulihsane zakaria
2018♥ gold song
bonolo molefe
Anybody here in 2018?
callmeprincess liars
you are the best Gwen !!!! do a news song for we !!!!!
chergui sofiane
whos watching this in 2018?
I didn't even know a music video for this song existed tbh
7th cousin to Madonna?
holly pietrzak
i miss the old gwen
mega mozg
Все хреново ,но мы курим травку и нам весело и мы спокойны \nНам не важны проблемы ,мы просто курим травку \nМы счастливы только здесь на острове Свободы \nНам везет пароход траву и наших братьев \nЗдесь будет коммуна ,здесь много леса и деревьев\nМы постоим дома и будем жить у моря \nЛовить рыбу ,пить текилу ,слушать Марли \nИ радио \nМы дети Феделя и это наша земля \nНам не страшны полицаи \nМы аллигаторы Маи \nМы свободны и честны \nБез травки и у нас нет Вины
meka C
Gwen is GORG!!
mkie c
wonder what happened to he Asian chicks that followed her around all the time
natanael rico
she's so fit & sexy
punk grungao
ela tinha uma banda de rock tem de novo foi pro black ela traiu
The Sweet Scape was such a misunderstood and underrated album! now I feel it's epic. 
sarah mulhearn
I remember this when I was 14.
symone love
I forgot about this song omg this used to be my shit in 9th grade! Yaaas
Damian killed it.
Her body is sick! Seriously this girl is HOT!!!!
yassmine hamzaoui
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