Official Video Podcast - Brno 2010

The best of the action from the CARDION AB GRAND PRIX CESKÉ REPUBLIKY, the scene of round ten of the 2010 MotoGP World Championship.

Brno Czech+Republic Lorenzo MotoGP

@beccajanne Stoner Sucks... Big Fail!
No Doubt.\nValentino Rossi is and ever will be the Best!!\nRespect ;)
Abdul Rehman
They just keep pushing !! No one can escape death when it is written.Dovi got away ,Shoya dead at next one.
Adrián G
@Hugemaker this is the reason that lorenzo is better than rossi, same bikes lorenzo win...
I can't even imagine a person graeter than Vale. Even in future. And I don't mean only riding skills.
Bhavik Ajit
Rossi the best, Lorenzo just a fucker, copying Rossi... U cant compare with the DOCTOR, he is BEST\n
Bim Bims
a matter of time waiting stoner world champion 20 times
Rossi says : Fucken crash , I hate when sand gets into my boots!
Brendan Barry
@Hugemaker will be interesting next year with rossi on ducati, if lorenzo can develop the bike further by himself
@No1Juggernaut Cut Lorenzo some slack, he will never be better than Rossi, but he sure tries hard!
why does lorenzo always win when rossi goes down...
the moto gp class was the most boring i've seen tonight! no action with overtakes.. like qualifying! but the weather was ok this year! and party at the camp is always good! XD
@No1Juggernaut \n\nnot only because of that ^^ he's riding Rossi's perfectly tuned yamaha, any credit that he gets or race's he wins is only because of Valentino Rossi!
@Hugemaker tu lo q eres es un gilipollas envidioso y punto!!
@JoaoTondela Loser, Rossi is not the true champion. He crashed, but anyways Lorezo was 1st on Championship when that happened :D BB ROSSI!!
Giulietta Trinacria
@nefiurki chissà da quanto aspettavi di scaricarti sul tua cattiveria mi è difficile da comprendere, ma vedremo se tornerà o no. Il rispetto prima di tutto ad un Numero 1.
Ilham B.
YEAH You gooo Lorenzo! I think next year will be Rossi's year or Lorenzo. Because Lorenzo is doing great, he deserves to win!
@viki11 \
James Ross
Lorenzo was lucky to get into MotoGP in 2008, one year later and he would have had to join a private team before joining a factory team. He didn't have to do anything except getting used to the bike. The sad thing is that now Vale has left Yamaha they will go backwards in everything just like Honda did a few years ago. Even SBK will improve for Ducati, it was dumb from Yamaha to let him go, they ruined their own future... \r\nBut now we can see agian how he makes a perfect bike out of a wreck xD
Jordan Harkins
@mailletable - amen.
Jose Gonzalez
Lorenzo the best!!!!!! New age come back!!!! ja ja ja ja \n
Keith Hanson
Ok hayden is good but not a top three rider. my money is on Spies this year.
Luca Stephan
lorenzo´s land!!!
No. When Rossi and Lorenzo were on the same bike in 2008, Rossi won. When Rossi and Lorenzo were on the same bike in 2009, Rossi won. The only reason that Rossi lost in 2010 was because he BROKE HIS FUCKING LEG.
Niels Neveil
FUCK LORENZO!!!\r\nstupid arrogant fucker!
Omar Jurado
@46ValentinoRossi just because i dont even can grow up to GP jeje, but yeah he is too powered
Basically Lorenzo is shit End of.
@ffdankok Giacomo Agostini won 15 world championship titles.
0:37 scary moment..
Revolution Road
@Hugemaker SO??? Who cares???
Ricardo Nilsson
Lorenzo would've never become World Champion had Rossi been there to defend the title.. just watch Rossi own Lorenzo in Catalunya and you'll know what a real driver is capable of!!
@TheBlue013 Even if Stoner get 8 title more (he will never get 10, I'm 99,9% sure), he will never be the legend like Rossi is.
What a moment 0:36!
@No1Juggernaut You can't deny that Lorenzo is a great rider! He is going to be the next Valentino Rossi!
hehehehehehe 2006 - 2011 Rossi 4 times in front Stoner. Lorenzo 2008 - 2011 2 times in front VR, Pedrosa 2006 - 2011 Three times in front of Pedrosa. What the hell are you saying man ?
alonso castro cortes
lorenzo the best!!!!!
woop i was at this! and Stoner's not an ass, he's a Champ!
Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Stoner. \u003c--- rossi can not match | lucky for him they werent around when he was taking titles.
callaros putos ingles lorenzo es el mejor \nrossi fue el mejor\nrossi was the best
dan k
The only person that is better than Rossi, is a person that wins 10 world titles..Which I doubt will ever happen, at least in my lifetime
es exagerado ke haya 4 grandes premios en españa, 2 esta bien, 3 es mucho, pero 4 lo hacen moto spain gp, le kita internacionalidad.
edgar cardenas
i love this
@No1Juggernaut My words! .... VALE is the BEST!!! without discussion !
hoirul safutra
Too many Lorenzo haters
Lorenzo is an end of a bell\n
why can't these vids have decent music on them makes it seem shit when it isnt
to all the people supporting rossi, this is for you: SHHHHHHHH a minute of silence FOR ROSSI that has passed away hahaha
nikki hayden
@ffdankok then casey should do 8 more,that's possible
@46ValentinoRossi You're comment have 46 thumbs up. Let's hope no one will give you more thumbs up :D
0:34 O_O
Forza JL99!!! FTW.