Gwen Stefani Ft Damian Jr Gong Marley - Now That You Got It

Its the best Gwen Stefani Video

Gwen Marley Stefani

Bless your heart Damian, Thanx for trying to help this child out, but the song wouldn't be worth listening to without your voice on it. Sorry Gwen.
Maciej Zieliński
good just the way it is....
I love he would sing on good people artist records not just anyone. Damian should redo this song for her and this time he do the writing. The song sounds to corky but Damian sound GREAT. Im looking at the list OH NO! she did another one with him, let me listen to those songs and hope they not corky as well.
yellowman - Zingazungazungzen\ncheck damians flow the likness to this tune
Rens Devogeleer
what the fuck is jr gong marley doing ??? omfg gtfo stfu
Reuel Singh
Lioness ... done know
lov.dis.son' !! x]
lol. She can ruin her own songs if she wants to...\n\nI love it though, I don't think it's ruined, no way :D:D
murat yıldz
jah rastafari I am from istanbul/Turkey
too true!!!! gwen totally ruins this! wish there was a 'jr gong only' version\r\njah bless
I almost wish Damian has never signed up to do this song