Irodori no Sanka

(カラオケ風)irodori no sanka Kagrra, リクエストを歌ってみた


I sang by a request. ^^ Moreover, in order to tell his song, I will sing from now on.

Kagrra, - 彩の讃歌 (Irodori no Sanka)


Great Song by Kagrra, :) Album: Core (2008)

(カラオケ)彩の讃歌 Irodori No Sanka Kagrra,を歌ってみた


This is a song which encourages the person who wavered in life.^^

[GUMI] Natsu no Sora to Kimi no Sanka de [VOSTFR]


Attention, magnifique partie de guitare à partir de 2:32 ~ Voici la traduction en français de ...

kagrra, (神樂) -- on guitar


Please excuse the mistakes and enjoy.

Anime mix-Irodori No Sanka


It´s a anime mix with the japan song Irodori No Sanka!I think this is a butyful song,but when you don´t like it so don´t watch it^^

Kagrra, - Irodori no Sanka drums cover


Enjoy and comment ;3.

Kagrra『Irodori No Sanka』Continue Project cover


Irodori No Sanka é uma linda canção da banda Kagrra. Nossa pequena homenagem aos amantes de J-Rock Continue Project ...

Kagrra- Irodori no Sanka [with LYRICS]


[NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED] Song: Irodori no Sanka [ 彩の讃歌 ] Artist: Kagrra Album: Core EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THE ...3D

Vivi Carue - Irodori no Kuni


Song sung by Misa Watanabe Carue Seiyuu) From ONE PIECE Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.

Kagrra, cover band - Rev De Kei [Irodori no Sanka] cover


short vid of covering kagrra, band by Rev De Kei.. Band from Jogjakarta Indonesia visit their blog here ...

(カラオケ風)irodori no sanka Kagrra, を歌ってみた


This is such a song. ^^ Each follows the life of each different theme. However, how do you think and live? Moreover, it is decided ...

(カラオケ風)irodori no sanka Kagrra, を歌ってみた


This is such a song.^^ Many persons are in this earth. And there is each life. Moreover, in the life, it may be thought that it is ...

Kagrra-Irodori No Sanka[PV]


Kagrra-Irodori No Sanka[PV]

kagrra, -- acoustic guitar intro


Just the intro on acoustic.