Arashi - matsumoto jun

[ENG SUB] Arashi Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun fight 嵐にしやがれ 松本潤と小栗旬のスマート対決 [後攻松本潤]


Enjoy~ Sorry if my translations are wrong :) If you want to use please ask for permission.

Matsumoto Jun - Concert Master


Re-uploading some of my viddings from my previous Youtube account that got deleted* Song: Cartoon - On On (feat. Daniel ...

One Love - Arashi (Matsumoto Jun)


Douzo~ Im really really love this solo part from Jun ^^

Arashi fanvid Matsumoto Jun - This is MJ


To celebrate 10k views on my first fanvid and also MatsuJunThis is ...

Kara talks about Matsumoto Jun


this is a little bit old but i just saw and i wanted to share it.

[Eng Sub] Arata Mackenyus friendship with Matsumoto Jun and how he became MJ Club member


Arata Mackenyu was the 2nd guest for the MJ Club corner in Arashi ni Shiyagare. In this episode, it was revealed that he is in fact ...

【松本潤♥30】 Enjoy!!!!! 【Matsumoto Jun】


潤くん、おたおめれーしょん!! 今年も変わらず、むしろいっそう好きになった一年でした。 これからも力の限り応援してます。大好きだよー ...

(Eng subs) Japanese TV show: Can they cry within 1 minute?


English subtitles available if you turn on CC. This is a segment from the show Himitsu no Arashi-chan where the 5 members of ...CC

[ENG SUB] matsumoto jun vs kamenashi vs yamapi 松潤VS亀梨VS山P 小窓くぐり対決 めっちゃかっこいい


enjoy~ name of the show : arashi nishiyagare Im not an expert at it If you want to use please ...

Matsumoto Jun Moe Scene with sub


松本潤 の萌えシーン Matsumoto Jun Moe Scene.

Arashi, Jun Matsumoto TV Ad


Elleair / Daio Paper Official Web Site →

[Eng Sub] Matsumoto Jun, Arata Mackenyu and Muro Tsuyoshi teleports to Hokkaido!


Arata Mackenyu and Muro Tsuyoshi guest stars in the second episode of MJ Club section in Arashi ni Shiyagare. This time ...

Arashi fanvid Matsumoto Jun - This is MJ - Baka version


This is the yang to the yin of my original fanvid Which one do you ...